Straighten Your Smile with Invisalign in Trumbull CT

What is Invisalign?
Are you considering Invisalign in Trumbull, CT? Invisalign is the most advanced treatment currently available to align your smile without the use of metal wires. It is a great alternative to traditional braces because it is super comfortable and virtually invisible. Invisalign uses clear alignment trays to shift your teeth gradually over time, rather than having the painful and forceful adjustments that metal braces need. This treatment is a great option for most smiles and have a very high approval rating by both patients and orthodontists.
How Does Invisalign Work?
The process of straightening your smile using Invisalign is very simple and hardly an intrusion on your everyday activities. Dentists usually recommend that you wear your Invisalign trays for about 22 hours a day, typically for about 18 months. You will get your first pair of alignment trays custom made to fit your smile. Every few weeks, you will have to go in and get an adjusted pair that will help gradually shift your teeth.
You need to take the trays out every time you eat or drink, especially if drinking hot liquids like tea or coffee. This allows you to eat whatever you want, whereas traditional braces may prevent patients from eating certain foods. Some hard foods will risk bending the wires of traditional braces, and it will also be difficult to brush and floss correctly. Being able to take your Invisalign trays out will help you maintain good oral hygiene without having you to make any sacrifices to your daily routine.
How Are Invisalign Aligners Made?
The aligners are made through a combination of the expertise of our dental staff and 3-D computer imaging technology. They're created just for you to bring the utmost comfort to your everyday routine. Feel free to ask us for more details when it comes to creating your aligners - we want you to have a full understanding of your treatment.
Is Invisalign better than Braces?
That depends on your smile! Invisalign in Trumbull, CT is perfect for virtually any smile. However, in some serious cases, other straightening treatments may be a better option. There are several factors that can determine if Invisalign is right for you.The main difference is that Invisalign is less noticeable than metal braces, and it is more comfortable. However, due to the custom nature of the clear aligners, it can be more expensive than traditional braces. Invisalign is typically worn for a shorter length of time. The period of treatment would be 18 months, whereas braces typically stay on for about two years. No smile is the same so treatment is very unique to each patient. Consult with Dr. Marmolejos to determine if Invisalign would be right for you. 
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