Dr. Marmolejos Provides Top Dental Implants Restoration in Trumbull, CT

What are dental implants?
Are you considering dental implants restoration in Trumbull, CT? Dental implants are a natural looking way to restore you smile. They are the preferred method of restoring teeth by both patients and dentists. Dental implants are by far the most secure form of tooth replacement. The implant consists of a titanium screw that acts as a new root for the tooth, and a porcelain or ceramic crown that is custom made to match the color and shape of your teeth. 
Are dental implants better than other restorative procedures?
It depends on your individual smile, but dental implants are typically the preferred method of restorative dentistry. The titanium screw is stable and will never come loose due to the fact that titanium and bone are biocompatible. The screw will fuse to your jaw over time and become part of the natural structure of your jaw. The crown is extremely durable and will likely never show signs of wear over time. As long as you follow proper oral hygiene practices, your implant will last a lifetime. Dental implants require the same amount of attention that your natural teeth do, so be sure to brush, floss, and include fluoride in your dental care routine.
What is the procedure like?
The procedure of getting dental implants is more simple than you may think. First, a patient may need a tooth removed or any decay cleared out of the space that the implant will be inserted. Next, any necessary bone grafting will take place if the patient needs jaw augmentation surgery. Once the jaw and gumline are healed and ready for the implant, the patient will actually begin the dental implant procedure. The whole process could take a few months, depending on the situation. Dr. Marmolejos will likely use local anesthesia to help you feel more comfortable, and possibly prescribe medication to help you with your recovery.
Dr. Marmolejos will make room in your gums and then insert the titanium screw in your jaw. Next, we will stitch your gum closed so that the screw can fuse to your jaw and the area can heal. In a few months, you will come back to have the crown attached. 
Am I eligible for dental implants?
Most patients are eligible for dental implants restoration in Trumbull, CT, but there are some instances where this procedure may not be the best option:
● Heavy smokers
● Patients with a history of poor oral hygiene
● Some patients with uncontrolled chronic illness, diabetes, or heart disease
● Patients who received radiation in the head or neck area
If you would like to know if you are eligible for dental implants, schedule a consultation with your Trumbull dentist, Dr. Marmolejos.
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